A new blog is born

I’ve been online at medary.com for some time now, but I’m trying to amend my ways, and since I just returned from a trip to Austria, I was reminded again of gemütlichkeit–the wonderful word in German that doesn’t translate exactly into English, but connotes a warm, friendly, cozy kind of feeling. That’s the kind of blog I want to run, but that’s not exactly how medary.com turned out. It’s kind of an angry place, for an angry time. So, I’m changing my ways. Or so I hope.

Let’s see how this goes . . .

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4 Responses to A new blog is born

  1. Patricia says:

    Great! Now what is this about being in Austria? Where is the travelblog?? Hope you and Janet are going to continue to write about your travels: wonderful photos and great commentary. Thanks!

  2. Patience . . . all things will come . . . and be cross-posted here and medary–for a while, yet . . .

  3. 1389 says:

    LOL…good luck with that!

    I’ve been the primary admin for a conservative counterjihad blog for quite some time. The blog has a very heavy emphasis on hard news and commentary on the news, with emphasis on foreign policy. Sometimes the reporting becomes grim indeed, thanks to the behavior of our enemies. I show it, not for shock value, but because there is a need to get people motivated to say NO MORE and to do what it takes to put a stop to it.

    But I, too, found the need to lighten up. I got awfully burned out on blogging awhile back and took a long hiatus, but every political blogger knows how addictive it is, so I found myself back at it again.

    Here’s what I did to lighten it up: Every Saturday, I run a feature called “Caturday” that, as the name implies, has something to do with cats. I also blog at http://www.theblogmocracy.com, where I mirror the Caturday feature. Recently, other bloggers there have decided to do “Ferret Fridays” and “Dog Day Afternoon” (on Thursdays) in addition to Caturday. These are open threads and people socialize on them quite a bit.

    If you focus on one or more themes that interest you (e.g., travel, nature, food and drink, music, art, etc.) your new blog will find readers.

  4. Thanks, 1389 . . .

    I find another part of my problems is the “too many irons in the fire” problem. So my solution is of course to put another iron in the fire–this blog. I have in the queue formatting up the post (or posts) on our river cruise down the Danube my wife and I took last month. So I guess in part this will be a travel blog. I just put up 10 gallons of homebrew, so there will be some of that. I’ve caught a good trade wind on my interminable, 30-year-long-now project to write the Great American Science Fiction Novel, so there may be some of that here, too. (Like I said, too many irons in the fire.)

    Mostly my current conception is that this will be the “lighter side” and I’ll keep Medary as the “dark side.”

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