A Declaration of War

So, the SJW’s (1), CHORFs (2), or whatever . . . the Powers That Be that think that they “control” science fiction think that they have defeated the insurgency which is the “Sad Puppies” movement.

Not so fast, my friend.

You see, Gemütlich reigns here.  That means, in English, something approximating “comfortable, cozy, homelike, friendly, genial, pleasant.’

Your humble host here has aspirations, one day, to grow up and be an author of science fiction stories.  But there’s a bit of a problem there.  Science fiction seems to be infested with a particular cabal of intolerant busybodies who don’t take kindly to those that they see as their social inferiors (that would be you and me, mainly) having any input into the most “prestigious” of the awards in science fiction:  the Hugo Awards.  Your host suspects with a great degree of certainty that the cabal would not approve of his overall outlook on life, the universe, and everything.

This, to your humble and obsequious host, seems to be a problem in need of a solution.

The Hugos are awarded at the World Science Fiction Convention each year.  In 2015, that’s in Spokane, Washington (for reasons better left unexplained).

In 2013, science fiction/fantasy writer Larry Correia started a campaign of sorts which he termed “Sad Puppies.”   It really wasn’t much of a campaign, really.  It was as much a tongue-in-cheek prodding of the Sci-Fi Powers That Be than anything else.  But it was, in Correia’s mind, to prove a point:  that the Hugo Awards was dominated by a politically-obsessed cabal who would not allow any “unapproved” work to win approval by what was, ostensibly, a “fan-voted” award.

Well.  Mission accomplished, Larry Correia.

After three years of progressively (irony in using that particular word very, very, very much intended) greater impact on the Hugos, the Sad Puppies campaign, in 2014/15 spearheaded by the aggressively affable Brad R. Torgerson, so discomfited the rabidly leftist cabal in control of the Hugo Awards that they were forced to “No Award” a total of five of the seventeen award categories, rather than to award a Hugo to a “Sad Puppy”-nominated candidate.

The cabal crows that “No-Awarding” five of seventeen possible categories is a victory.  Only four categories in the previous 50+ years of Hugo Awards ever received a “No Award.”  So 2015, in one year, more than doubled the “No Award” output of the entire previous history of the Hugo Awards.

Yeah.  Okay.  Right.  Message, received, Hugo Awards Powers-That-Be.

You’d rather not give out an award at all, than to give an award to someone not in your cabal. And after that “victory” you all are jumping around like you won the World Series or something.  Oooo-kay.  Yeah, I’ve got bad news for you, Cabal:

That’s not a victory.  That’s corruption.

And I don’t like corruption.  It’s bad.  It holds back good people, and gives power to bad people.  This is a sub-optimal condition.  It rubs me the wrong way. Actually, it kinda pisses me off.

The next World Science Fiction Convention, in 2016, happens to be in Kansas City.  I happen to live in metro Kansas City.

We shall see what we shall see.

(1) Social Justice Warrior

(2) Cliquish, Holier-than-thou, Obnoxious, Reactionary, Fanatics.

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One Response to A Declaration of War

  1. bassmanco says:

    I live in Denver. May see you in KC next year.

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