Filbertmedary is a nom de blog, obviously.  But it isn’t my preferred one, which would be simply “filbert.”  That one was, unfortunately taken at wordpress.com, so filbertmedary will have to do.  Maybe some day I’ll swap out the nom de blog for my actual, real-life, wetware name.  We’ll have to see how that goes, won’t we?

I’m (usually) located somewhere on the edge of a major metropolitan area rather close to the geographic center of the United States.  OK, I’m in suburban Kansas City, all right?  That’s when we’re not traveling, which we (my wife and I) do with some regularity.

The older brother blog of Gemütlich Blog, medary.com, is a rather serious place nowadays, which is a bit strange because for the most part I am not a particularly serious-minded person.  In fact, I don’t particularly like to be serious.  The problem there is that I do serious really, really well–probably too well.  So I’m taking a step back here at Gemütlich Blog, which I intend to be a much warmer, happier, less serious, and generally fun place than Medary.com has turned out to be.  Plus, this is a trial run at playing with WordPress, as I’ve been considering moving to that blog platform for quite a while.  I understand all the cool kids are doing it.


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