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Song Anatomy

Found on the Ace of Spades HQ Overnight Thread:   Original source: Advertisements

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It’s alive! So am I!

Well, well, I think I will try to resurrect the gemütlichkeit, and return to this blog. It’s a good time of the year to do it, as the allergy drugs are kicking in nicely at the moment. We’re home from … Continue reading

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I say pop, you say soda

Via Ace of Spades HQ, boingboing examines the perennial question: what do you call that fizzy soft drink, anyway? The Pop vs. Soda Page.

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The Big Mac Index

From The Economist, a story about how McDonald’s Big Mac is a good indicator of how “correctly” a country’s currency is valued. (Image used under U.S. Fair Use for purposes of discussion and comment–readers are asked and encouraged to go … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett’s Women (Characters)

My favorite author has to be Terry Pratchett.  Here’s a post discussing the evolution of his female characters over the course of his Discworld series.  (A few spoilers for the series, but don’t worry–they’re all worth reading and re-reading, because … Continue reading

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The Maze that is Frankfurt Airport

I realize that I owe everyone a few posts on our recent European river cruise trip. Until then, see this Cranky Flyer article on the Frankfurt Airport. We can testify from first-hand experience of its veracity.

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Future histories, and whips

John DeNardo begins a brief survey of science fiction’s most important “future histories.” Elsewhere, I’ve put up a Whip over at Medary. (A Whip is an irregularly scheduled feature of Gemütlich’s Evil Twin Blog, wherein I post a variety of … Continue reading

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