The Maze that is Frankfurt Airport

I realize that I owe everyone a few posts on our recent European river cruise trip. Until then, see this Cranky Flyer article on the Frankfurt Airport. We can testify from first-hand experience of its veracity.

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Future histories, and whips

John DeNardo begins a brief survey of science fiction’s most important “future histories.”

Elsewhere, I’ve put up a Whip over at Medary. (A Whip is an irregularly scheduled feature of Gemütlich’s Evil Twin Blog, wherein I post a variety of articles I see, and comment (generally curmudgeonly, sardonically, occasionally bitterly ironically and even less occasionally humorously) upon the passing of events around us all. Not gemütlich, but somewhat cathartic. For me, at least.

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Hitler fails topology

YouTube video.

Because it’s always gemütlich to have fun at the expense of Nazis.

Via Ace of Spades HQ

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Freedom. It works.

Freedom ist sehr gemütlich.

Economic Freedom and Quality of Life (YouTube video)

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Longest 100 Articles on Wikipedia

Via Instapundit, this from BuzzFeed, from somebody with (obviously) a bit too much time on his or her hands . . .

A very strange and oddly illuminating list, I think.

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Japanese craft beer

Craft beer is booming in Japan

This vibrant craft brew scene is a recent development—in part because it was actually impossible not long ago. Before 1994, microbreweries were illegal in Japan. Licenses were granted only to brewers producing well over half a million gallons a year. That protected the well-entrenched large brewers from any upstart competition.

Government regulation and protectionism of corporate interests (aka “licenses”) is bad–not gemütlich at all.  Little guys free to brew beer in their basements is very, very gemütlich.

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Chinese plan to duplicate Austrian town

Perhaps not gemütlich, but very strange:  Xeroxed Village:  Chinese Secretly Copy Austrian UNESCO Town:

Residents of the Austrian mountain town of Hallstatt, population 800, are scandalized. A Chinese firm has plans to replicate the village — including its famous lake — in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, Austrian media reported this week.

And yeah, I find “strange” rather gemütlich personally, so there.

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